Each third guest of our hotel comes from the United States

We talked to Luísa Rebelo, Owner & Assistant General Manager of Torre de Palma Wine Hotel, and found out about managing the hotel business from the insider

What is the main power of the TORRE DE PALMA brand, how do you see it after twenty years of development?

The authenticity and Luxury of the details of living in the countryside. We want to continue growing. The Hotel is 6 years now, and we want to keep it for the future generations of our family.

How many months a year is your hotel season? What is the 2020 season like for TORRE DE PALMA?

The hotel is open all year round. In September, we have the wine harvesting which is a unique experience. In New Year’s Eve we do a glamorous party. During the summer, it’s a very relaxing place to enjoy the sun! Every month is a new opportunity to experience Torre de Palma.

Is there any data on how many ТORRE DE PALMA guests in total have arrived, and from which countries this year?

In these 6 years of operation we have hosted more than 50 000 guests at Torre de Palma, from more than 60 different countries. It’s amazing because a lot of our guests arrive at Lisbon Airport and come directly to Torre de Palma Wine Hotel.

What marketing campaign is planned for 2020? What channels do you bet on?

This year we are promoting all the outdoor activities our guests can do at Torre de Palma. In Torre de Palma you can enjoy walking, cycling or horseback riding in the vineyards, horseback riding lessons, picnics in the countryside, star gazing, agriculture workshops in our garden, orchard, and vineyard, grape harvest activities, open-air cinema, or just enjoy the stunning Sunset at the top of the Tower with a glass of Torre de Palma wine.

What share of hotel loading do tour operators and travel agents provide today? How many guests travel through tour operators?

We are part of Design Hotels and this is very important for our positioning internationally. We also have partnerships with Luxury travel agencies and tour operators.

TORRE DE PALMA has traditionally been associated with an authentic, relaxing holiday, with niche varieties of Portuguese wine, and horse riding. Some networks in this segment are now actively experimenting with formats. What new products can we expect from TORRE DE PALMA?

We are always developing our service to be better. Today on booking we have 9.4 ratings of customer satisfaction. Our goal is to continue to provide Luxury holidays with authenticity.

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