Investing into an excellent team – RBFC to open new Payments Hub in Kyiv

Having an excellent team is crucial to building the bank the world loves to use. RBFC, notable for its prominent unique solution providing the best aspects that financial solutions offer, has established themselves as one of the best employers investing heavily in a working environment to attract and retain the best talent.

RBFC was founded to simplify the flow of digital financial transactions. Using streamlined yet highly technical software, RBFC has become the lead in its ability to offer International Financial Solutions globally.

In autumn 2019, they opened a payment hub in Kyiv, Ukraine. The new location is strategized to strengthen the global product and technology team. Long term, they aim to hire an additional 20 payment specialist, support managers, product managers and IT specialists at the Kyiv office. With a rising presence globally, their ambition is to expand the new payment hub to support their exponential growth as a global company.

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With talent and dedication at the core of RBFC, the team in Kyiv will focus on further developing state-of-the-art payment systems to make banking with RBFC even more customer-friendly. Other features that will be developed in Kyiv include new peer-to-peer payment options to make it easier to share transactions or bills with friends, and automated statistics to give their customers an even better overview of their spending patterns.

The team chose Kyiv because of its high quality of talents which remains crucial for attracting qualified employees. With headquarters in Auckland, New Zealand, the new location in Kyiv will be RBFC first product and technology office in Europe.
Currently, the company consists of over 20 employees and is forecasting a growth of 50 employees by the end of 2020. The new payment hub in Kyiv will thereafter be the ultimate stepping stone to achieve this end goal.

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With fortitude and endurance, RBFC is growing their presence across all locations; headquarters in New Zealand, a hub in Tel Aviv and the latest addition to a rise of talented individuals – Kyiv, Ukraine.

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