Double strike: how to strengthen the business and raise children properly?

In today’s interview, Ana Isabel Rebelo, Owner & General Manager of Torre de Palma Wine Hotel, speaks about how to strengthen the business and raise children properly?

All my life I worked and was a mother at the same time. I had huge support from my family and my husband. Our children are today all grown up, and they know that business is very important as well as the love of the family.

A woman is always the first keeper of comfort and warmth at home. A strong, loving family is the woman’s merit. You have 4 children and one grandson. You do business with your husband, participate in designing your hotel, and look great. How do you manage all this? Tell us the secrets of a successful woman:

The secret is the love of my family and my happiness. I am proud of what I have accomplished in life, success in business, and a loving family around me.

You have four children and one grandson. The youngest daughter Luisa works in one of your businesses, which is the Hotel. Was it her desire or did you directed her on purpose to strengthen the family business?

Our children decided on their careers for themselves. Luisa chose to work in the family business after studying and working abroad in multinational companies.

How do successful women raise their children? Is there some special formula?

The formula is love.

Was it difficult to combine career and parenting?

Sometimes it took us an effort but my husband was always my big support.

Do you consider yourself a strict mother?

No, I am very tolerant. I taught my children to be responsible and I trust them a lot.

You took part in the hotel’s design. What inspired you? Is passion for design just a hobby? Or are you planning to do it professionally?

It’s a hobby, I love interior design. What inspired me was the nature of Alentejo and the history of our property.

Who is involved in the hotel’s management? Is it you or your spouse?

I am the General Manager of the hotel, my husband has a lot of responsibility in other businesses, but he always supports me.

Many couples, who work together, say it’s hard! Is it true?

In our case, it’s not hard. We have always worked together and it’s a pleasure.

What is the main force of your success?

Trusting my team and having a very strong passion for everything we do!

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