Vlad Sytnik: I really don’t feel like making «‎one day» music

Today the guest of our magazine is a singer, the Golden Voice of Ukraine, an artist who entered the top 30 voices of the world — Vlad Sytnik. He talked about what success means to him, about choices in music and modern realities of life.

Vlad, what kind of music do you create? Tell us in more detail.

I work in the direction of pop and crossover. This is the kind of music I perform and create. Now I am working on my first album in the crossover direction, which will include 7 songs. This will be the first author’s album in this style in Ukraine. We have already presented the first composition — «‎In love we rise». I want to believe and will try very hard to make this music able to take its rightful place in our country and abroad.

Do you think this is why you are often referred to as an «‎out of format» artist?

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I don’t think about it, I just sing what I love and what I feel. Yes, in Ukraine it is generally accepted that crossover is not a format, but all over the world this music is listened to by millions. I really don’t feel like making «‎one day» music. And I have always believed that easy ways to realize your creativity and make money lead exclusively to short-term success.

What criteria do you measure success?

You know, I never thought about it. I don’t have any clear criteria. And «‎success» is not quite a constant value. Because today it is, and tomorrow it may not be. Probably, for me, success is the love that listeners give me. If I see feedback from the audience, I’m happy.

Do you think you had to sacrifice something for the sake of success?

I don’t even know, this is not an easy question. If we think about this question, then all people essentially sacrifice something for their cause, first of all they sacrifice their time. Some of the artists said that success is a soft drug. There is some grain of truth in this. After all, for an artist, every appearance on the stage is a pleasure. And the stage is something without which it is impossible to imagine my life. It follows from this that success brings pleasure, and then can the path to achieving it be considered a sacrifice?! I personally don’t think so.

We live in a time when everything is very fast, life changes by leaps and bounds, people spend a huge resource on learning, is it worth it?

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It is never too late to learn, and you need to do this throughout your life. The world is really very fast and you need to keep up with it. But, the main thing in learning is to determine what is really important for you and to set priorities, and now there are a lot of opportunities.

And, of course, I cannot help but ask about the New Year, how do you feel about this holiday? How did you celebrate it in childhood and how do you celebrate it now?

New Year has always been a special holiday for me and my family! At home, we always bought a live Christmas tree. By tradition, the whole family decorated the tree. We had a huge amount of New Year’s toys. In recent years, due to the New Year’s schedule, it is not always possible to install and decorate a Christmas tree at home, but if it does work out, then I certainly do it. I love the smell of tangerines in the house, old New Year’s films and Olivier salad. But, more often than not, I celebrate the New Year on stage, but I try to spend Christmas in the circle of the people closest to me.

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